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Zoom Yoga Classes

Wednesdays 6:45-7:45pm

Sundays 10:00-11:15am

Slow Flow

This class will move at a slow and gentle pace and the movements won't be as challenging as the Energising Flow. Expect some dynamic movements (such as core work) however there won't be any balances or crazy moves! We will stay low to the ground most of the time (think tabletop and seated positions) whilst still challenging the body. Classes will begin some calming breath work and will always end with a relaxation as well to ensure you leave feeling rested and recharged.

£6 drop in

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Energising Flow

This class is a functional flow that will leave you feeling energised and revitalised. It's 1 hour and 15 minutes so that we have plenty of time to start slow, build up and then rest and relax at the end. This class will include strength building, flexibility work, core work and balance. Just like the Slow Flow, classes will always start with some breathwork and end with a relaxation.

£6 drop in

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BeYoga Zoom Classes

For my Zoom classes, we follow a theme for two weeks through both the Slow and Energising Flow class. This gives us time to build on what we have learnt and to see progress. The class theme is typically anatomical with the aim of helping you in your day to day life as well.

Previous themes have focussed on spinal mobility, shoulder stability or lower back pain.

Why Online Classes?

Zoom classes allow you to practice in the comfort of your own home, wearing whatever you want and listening to whatever you want too (although I do think my playlists are great!). When you're no longer worried if the person behind you can see through your leggings, you're free to fully focus on yourself and your practice. 

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