Like many people, I first came to yoga when I was looking for some alternative exercise after a back injury. I was attracted to yoga as it was a gentle yet dynamic exercise that would aid my recovery. As a former cheerleader, I enjoyed both the playfulness of yoga and the physical challenge.


As I continued to practice over the years, I loved all the different styles and ways I could either choose to challenge myself or simply relax. Enjoying both the mental focus and calm this gave me, yoga slowly became a consistent part of my life. 

It was never love at first at sight and an immediate obsession. Yoga slowly crept up on me and is something that I simply forgot to stop doing. Consistently yoga has provided an enjoyable and safe space for me to let go, relax and have fun. 

I undertook my teacher training at Kranti Yoga School in India primarily to further my physical practice. However, I left with a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the mental benefits. Having suffered with bouts of anxiety and depression since I was a teenager, I left my teacher training feeling such a mental shift that CBT had never brought about.


Yoga has not only taught me the tools to calm the mind and breath, but it has empowered me to do so.