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Do you want to move with ease, confidence and less pain?


I believe mental and physical wellbeing are intrinsically linked, with both mental and physical health playing an equally important role in our overall wellbeing. 

To me, yoga is a wonderfully amazing tool as it helps to restore both our physical and mental health.


With my style of yoga, my goal is to help you feel good mentally in your day to day life and to feel good physically in your day to day movements. 


My aim is to help you move with confidence and ease so that you can feel healthy, happy and confident into old age.


Getting your leg behind your head is less important to me then your ability to bend down and get back up pain free!

In order to do this, we'll focus on improving stability, strength, balance, stamina and flexibility so that we can restore natural movement and help you move in an unrestricted and pain free manner.

So whether you are an office worker, an avid gym goer or a retiree, I've adapted yoga to work for the modern body so that we can work together to help you move well and live freely.

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Having completed a Bsc in Psychology and a Bsc in Physiotherapy, it's safe to say I am passionate about human movement, holistic care, and mental wellbeing.


200 Hour Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga including Pranayama (Kranti Yoga School, Goa)

Bsc (Hons) Psychology Degree, 1st Class (University of Manchester)

Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy Degree, 1st Class (University of Salford)

Level 3 Sports Massage Certification (ProActive Training)

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Certification

Anatomy of the Spine Workshop (Celest Pereira Physiotherapist)

Anatomy of the Hips Workshop (Celest Pereira Physiotherapist)

Comprehensive History of Yoga: Research and Scholarship

Enhanced DBS Certificate and Emergency First Aid Certificate

About BeYoga: About Me
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