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Find out about any upcoming workshops, retreats and events BeYoga is hosting throughout the year. 

If you have any queries about any events or you are interested in co-hosting an event together, please get in touch!

Goat Yoga is Back in 2021

During the summer I partnered up with Cronkshaw Fold Farm to deliver goat yoga sessions which were great fun for all!

We will be bringing the sessions back in Spring 2021 so if you're interested, read below to find out what the heck it's about!

What is goat yoga?!

A 1.5 goat yoga session contains the following:

  • Goat meet & greet and introductions (pick your favourite goat that you'd like to do yoga with).

  • A yoga class that includes lots of stops for cuddles, petting and maybe some nibbling from the goats!

  • A chance to take pictures with the goats and give them snacks!

It's a lot of fun and is a great chance to unwind, meet some goats and make some memories. 

We will be hosting a several public classes throughoutSpring 2021 but if you are interested in a private booking, send me an email and we can arrange. 

For more details about the sessions and to book, head to Cronkshaw Fold Farm here

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